Who We Are

We are a team of individuals who are passionate about sustainability and free energy.  A unique company culture starts with valuing people and ends with great teamwork and collaboration. Emergent Energy is a team of authentic, skilled, dynamic individuals with a passion for renewable energy and innovation.

We focus on the process, not just the outcome. This means that we put our customers first, using our people-centric approach to educate and then guide customers through the process of going solar.

“all about creating relationships”

How we can make cheaper
Energy from the Sun?


We offer high quality products and services and are continually working on the improvement of these to get better every day. We back on our employees’ qualifications and motivation to learn.


In our company, reliability means that all employees do what they say and say what they do. With reliability we also associate implementation of targeted goals, checking the achievement of our objectives and adherence to deadlines.


We advocate long-term corporate management. This includes both the conservation of natural resources and the responsibility for future generations as well as corporate management which is directed towards the company’s long-lasting survivability.

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Surge Energy SA focuses on providing cost effective energy saving solutions and renewable energy systems, Solar Power Solutions, Power Back Up systems for commercial, and residential applications.

6B Alexendra Rd, Oude Molen, Pinelands Cape Town | 065 889 9298