Why switch to solar?

Load shedding has cost billions of for the business sector and the South African homeowners are well aware of the inconvenience it has caused over the last 10 years. Decreases in pricing on solar panels and the advancement in technology on batteries means that renewable energy options such as Off Grid and Grid tied has now become an affordable option for consumers and businesses. The maintenance cost on solar renewable energy is very low as long as the components used are of high quality.

Finance options are now available to make it more affordable for consumers.

Power Your Home with Surge Energy

Solar power is an alternative, renewable energy source that helps make the planet greener and can also give solar powered homes great financial incentives and tax credits.

Surge Energy combines world-class technology and relentless innovation to bring smart solar energy solutions to your home.

With a combination of high-performance solar PV power panels, inverters, full solar power systems and exceptional safety, advanced monitoring, and smart home energy management, you can save money and power your home with green renewable energy.

The Different Types of Residential Solar Systems

Grid Tied

Grid Tied solar systems are by far the most commonly used systems on the market and widely used by both homes and businesses. These systems are connected to the city power grid and do not require battery installation.

Hybrid System

A hybrid system has various configurations, it makes use of both the Off-Grid and Grid-Tied system, which uses both battery & solar. Due to the decrease in battery prices, systems connected to the grid can now take advantage of storing their electricity as well.

Off-grid System

Off Grid solar systems are stand alone. This type of system  feeds electrical circuits on the property only from the solar and battery and avoids the grid.

The Complete Residential Solar Solution

Smart Modules

Premium solar modules for greater energy production and faster installations. Elegant and excellent reliability. This enables  faster residential installations, simplified logistics, and easier servicing.

Smart Energy

Utilize excess PV production with Surge Energy’s smart energy products to power home appliances, increasing household solar usage and reducing electricity bills. Easily controlled on-the-go via mobile monitoring app. Surge Energy’s smart energy products help the homeowner achieve lower electricity bills, increased energy independence, and greater convenience.


We advocate long-term corporate management. This includes both the conservation of natural resources and the responsibility for future generations as well as corporate management which is directed towards the company’s long-lasting survivability.


By installing your Solar Power System you are not only reducing your monthly electricity bill, but you are also creating your own energy security.

Install a Solar Battery System at your home to reduce your electricity bill and forget about load-shedding and power failures.

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