More Energy, More Savings

Flexible System Design

Premium Modules Used

Longer Warranty

6 Steps to ensure the success of your Solar System

Client Consultation

We understand that every client has a different requirement for their Solar System. The requirement mostly depends on the monthly electricity that they use. An important factor for the residential use of Solar Power System is a detailed load-assessment referencing the electricity tariff.

Our qualified engineering consultants will discuss all possibilities with you and make sure that, should your requirements grow in future, your Solar System is ready to grow with you. 

Design & Client Approval

After our initial consultation we will provide you with various options including detailed pricing structures. This will enable you to make an educated decision about the best cost vs performance ratio for your Energy Independence.

All designs will clearly state what future upgrade possibilities your Solar System offers. This ensures that you have a clear path ahead for your Energy Independence.

Detailed Planning & Project Acceptance

Once you have decided which option of your Solar System is the right one for you, we will produce detailed 3D drawings of how your Solar System is going to be installed and integrated in your Home.

After approval of these final plans, we will issue the final quotation for your project and are moving ahead with the Installation.

Installation & Registration With The Municipality

Our roof installation and electrical teams are fully qualified and specifically trained for the installation and commissioning of your Solar PV Equipment.

All of the PV Equipment we are proposing to you is fully compliant with your Municipality. This ensures that the application and registration process of your Solar System will be smooth and successful.

Commissioning & Handing Over To Our Client

After the installation is complete, our teams check all connections and make sure the equipment is functional. The commissioning process usually takes only a couple of minutes. Once completed, your Solar System is fully operational and you will be Energy Independent.

We will train you to operate and read your new equipment and make sure you feel comfortable.

Feedback, Remote Monitoring & After Sales Services

We always strive to deliver outstanding Services and Products to our clients. It is very important to us to hear what went well and if there was anything we can improve on. 

All of our Solar Systems are equipped with Remote Monitoring and Control units. This enables us to take pro-active measures and ensure full functionality of your Solar System.

You will also have access to the Remote Monitoring, so you can check on your System Health from anywhere in the world.

Surge Energy provides detailed planning and designs for every client and ensures that all requirements are understood and met. Our clients appreciate the detail and quality of consultation and time invested into their Solar System. We use our strategic partnerships in the energy distribution industry to provide especially engineered solutions for clients with extraordinary needs.

Benefits Of Surge Energy

 Reduce dependance On ESKOM

 Contributing to the green economy

 Nationwide support available

 Avoid load shedding



Financial Benefits Of Solar Energy

 Creative finance solutions to suit your needs.

 Fast payback 4-6 years

 Arrange a financial structure that suits you

 Increased property value

Load Shedding & Backup Power Solutions

Fight load shedding with a customised solution that  uses integrated battery direct into your distribution board. We target critical appliances such as lights, security and exclude non critical appliances such as geysers and pool pumps etc.


Grid-Tied Solutions

Save money by seamlessly switching from Eskom to Solar power whenever the sun shines. No batteries are required and savings only occur during day time use.

Off-Grid & Hybrid Solutions

Invest in a long term renewable energy solution. Go for a hybrid solution that provides a combination of solar panels for day time saving and battery backup. Ideal for maximum savings for both night time use and / or load shedding.

Here’s what a typical system investment would look like

Here are some indicative prices on what you can expect to pay for a fully installed off grid / hybrid solar power system from us:

Small Home

3kW -5kW Solar with Lithium Ion Battery – Average Bill R2500



Medium Home

5kW – 7kW Solar with Lithium Ion Battery – Average Bill R3500



Large Home

7kW- 10kW Solar with Lithium Ion Battery – Average Bill R5000+

From R 189,000 upwards

These prices are subject to a site survey and include electrical certificates and SSEG applications to council. All prices are approximate and include VAT.

Surge Energy SA focuses on providing cost effective energy saving solutions and renewable energy systems, Solar Power Solutions, Power Back Up systems for commercial, and residential applications.

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